Welcome to DJK Renewables

With increasing public awareness of renewable energy systems for domestic and commercial applications, Surrey based DJK Renewables specialise in supplying a range of low-carbon technologies from advanced LED lighting, heat pumps, solar PV and solar heating arrays, to bio mass boilers, wind generation, voltage optimisation and rainwater collection/filtration systems.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems and wind generation turbines are eligible for the Government Feed-In Tariff. Guaranteed for up to 25 years, index linked and tax free for domestic properties, the Feed-In Tariff encourages you to generate new electricity. This green investment also generates an income for you and provides protection from escalating energy prices, whilst you make a contribution to the reduction of UK carbon emissions.

DJK Renewables do not employ salesmen. All of our face to face meetings are conducted by fully qualified installation personnel with years of experience in the mechanical and electrical industry, who are familiar with all technical installation issues and can guide you on all low-carbon and renewable technologies.

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