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Solar PV monitoring

Even for small solar power systems, comprehensive control is important for the yield. The decision to have a solar power system means you are choosing not only an environmentally friendly technology, but also a long-term source of revenue. This means it is essential that the system is running smoothly at all times. If output reductions in your system go unnoticed for a long period, for example, due to shadowing of the solar modules or disturbances in the power distribution grid, this may result in serious losses in yield. Continuous system monitoring therefore not only means seeing your self-produced solar power, but also being able to react quickly should anything go wrong.

Home monitoring

Our innovative monitoring solutions keep an eye on your solar power system around the clock. SMA monitoring from DJK Renewables is easy to set up and is especially user-friendly. Whether wirelessly with the Sunny Beam via Bluetooth®, the Sunny WebBox via Bluetooth® or on the PC via Sunny Explorer, you always have an eye on your system and how fast your investment is paying off. To see one of our live monitoring systems installed on one of our arrays on the Isle of Wight click here.

Modular monitoring for commercial solar power systems

As the operator of larger solar power systems you can individually assemble the right monitoring solution from various components. In combination with solar inverters from DJK Renewables, you profit from a perfectly coordinated system.

Reliable monitoring for solar power plants

The larger the solar power system, the faster small reductions in power negatively affect yield – if they remain undiscovered. With our solutions especially developed for solar parks, you can comprehensively and reliably monitor and control systems, even in the megawatt range.